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Mario Gryth

Swedish sound/game designer

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Things that I can and/or like to do

Sound design (Music and sound effects)
   More than 6 years working with sound design for games. This includes sound effects, music

and voice acting director.

Unity ( with programming in C# )   

   Have designed and created dozens of games in Unity in 2D, 3D and VR. Fairly proficient in C#.


   My go-to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). 


Proficient in photo editing


Have experience in the WWise audio engine.

Speaks Swedish, English and Japanese

Native Swedish, native-level English and business Japanese.

Games and applications

I have been involved in the planning, designing, creation and release of 10+ titles all over the world.

I have had the pleasure of working together with Coastalbyte Games for more than 5 years, developing games of all kinds. Have a look below for some of the games we made

Puppet Fever

Puppet Fever is a upcoming VR puppet show party game, where one players dons the role as the puppet master, and acts out all kinds of silly words for the audience to guess. 

The game is currently under development, and I am in charge of music/sound effect creation and implementation, as well as a gameplay designer and programmer.

Together with Coastalbyte and Whale on the Moon

Mini Lobes series

​The Mini Lobes is a series of educational games made for very young children. It promotes learning in a fun and exciting way.

I worked as game designer, as well as composer of the music and sound effects.

  • Mini Lobes - ABC (Swedish)

  • Mini Lobes - ABC (English)

  • Mini Lobes - 123 (Swedish)

  • Mini Lobes - 123 (English)

  • Mini Lobes - Ordkronan (Swedish)

  • Mini Lobes - The Word Crown (English)

  • Mini Lobes - Vilken ska bort? (Swedish)

  • Mini Lobes - Which one does not belong (English)

  • Mini Lobes - The Picture Box

  • Mini Lobes - The Math Tower

Minilobes - The Word Crown sample
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Math Bakery is another series of educational games made for young children. This time we focused on math, ranging from basic binary operators, to fractions. The game has been critically acclaimed in both in Sweden as well as internationally.

I worked as game designer, as well as composer of the music and sound effects.

  • Mattebageriet 1 - Börja räkna (Swedish)

  • Mattebageriet 2 - Räkna vidare (Swedish)

  • Math Bakery 1

  • Math Bakery 2

Together with

Math Bakery series

Math Bakery - Menu sample
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 Other games

Bloody Trapland

Game designer/Sound designer

Bounty Hunter Freddy series

Game designer / Sound designer

More coming soon!

Other things I have been busy doing

Teaching English

Building computers

Studying Japanese

Game jams

Playing games

Playing in bands

For more information about my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile, or send me a message!

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Puppet Fever - music reel
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Some of the music I have made. Please give it a listen!


Sound / Game Designer

Coastalbyte Games

January 2012 - Currently freelancing

I have had the pleasure of working on and off together with the Coastalbyte boys for more than 5 years. I have created music and sound effects for more than 10 commercial titles, as well as being in charge of game design choices.

English Teacher

Oishi Elementary School

March 2016 - March 2017

I spent an unforgettable year in Oishi Elementary School in Saitama, Japan, working as an English Teacher for kids in 1st to 6th grade. Working as the only foreigner in an all-Japanese school was an amazing experience.

Current occupation

English Teacher

Honey bee english school

April 2017 - Current

I got recruited as a teacher of a newly opened English school, and rose up to head teacher after my first year.

My job is not only teaching, but making class material as well.

Anchor 1

April 2017 - March 2018

Doing research on how to use video games and VR technology, namely Unity and Oculus Rift, to help children with learning disabilities have an easier and more fun time studying.

Also doing on and off translation work from Japanese to English.

For more information about my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile, or send me a message!

Various kinds of art

Things I do in my spare time

Samus Helmet.png

Samus Helmet

Made this in celebration of Samus Returns release



Ike from Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn



Made his for my friend Fredrik's birthday



A quick picture I made using Blender and Unity

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Message sent! Thank you!

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